Did CBSE has taken right decision???

The CBSE informed the Supreme Court that marks for the theory component will be calculated using a 40:30:30 formula based on the student’s performance in Classes 12, 11 and 10, respectively, to put an end to the uncertainty surrounding the results of the Class 12 board examinations affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. The student will be graded on the basis of the actual marks provided by the school to CBSE for the practical and internal assessment components. By July 15, schools must finalize their results and send them to the Board’s website, after which the CBSE will announce the results by July 31. Students who are dissatisfied with the evaluation process “shall be given the option to participate in tests to be held by the board when conditions are favorable to holding the examinations,” according to the CBSE, and “scores obtained in later exams will be considered as per this policy.”
Giving an opinion on this matter is like a dilemma. Due to COVID-19, conducting exams was a matter of concern as the government did not wanted to put the life of students in danger. But we also can’t deny the fact that 12th examination provides a direction to the career of any student. It is a life changing event. After this examination, student chooses their streams to create their future.
So, we can say that the decision is well taken by seeing the current situation but this is not the only solution for this problem. CBSE has also plan to take oral examinations. It will help but definitely then the authenticity may hamper because every examiner not ask same level of question to every student.
Well in this case whatever is happening we should have to accept it and have faith in the authoritarian decision. Also, the students must be get ready to face the humiliation by the other student because they definitely going to be compared and teased as well.

PC- Jagran

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