Silent version of unconditional love – My papa

Whether its mummy or siblings, directly or indirectly they admits that how much they love but its the Papa only who never confesses.
The definition of Indian father is a bit scary in terms of scolding’s, independency, decision making. In my case things are a bit different, my father is scary too but only by his eyes, expressions and mustache. My father is more like a coconut which is tough to crack but easy to digest.
Like a blessed child I also have every thing in my life from the grace of my father. I was born, your kind encouragement helped me reach for that toy, take my first steps, and crawl down the stairs, and will continue to do so in the future, you teach me how to work effectively with others, solve issues independently, and express myself. He has provided me with a sense of physical and mental safety and unwavering support from the start. Whatever I dreamed for I got that. But Until last year, I haven’t got the emotional support from him. But this complain also resolved when I was dealing with my health problems and fighting for my existence for each and every seconds, I found him beside me. From the hospital bed to the day when I am surviving with a pipe. I found him helping or motivating me, his efforts always taught me to never get discouraged. And I will never ever gonna forget those days.
Today I’d want to thank you for being in my life; I consider myself fortunate to have you as my loving father. I am blessed with a supportive and loving family and a cute PAPA.

PC- LivingBetter50

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