Indian women’s hockey team qualified quarter-finals at first go

On Monday, the Indian women’s hockey team made history by becoming the first Indian team to qualify for the Olympic Games semifinals, defeating three-time winners Australia.
The Indian women’s hockey team’s greatest performance in the Olympics occurred in 1980, when they finished fourth out of six teams in Moscow.
India’s women’s hockey team has advanced to the semi-finals after defeating Australia 1-0 in the quarter-final match today, marking a historic victory in the current Tokyo Olympics. Gurjit Kaur scored from a penalty corner in the 22nd minute of the game to give India the win.
In the semi-finals, India will play Argentina, which defeated Germany 3-0 in the previous quarterfinal on Monday. For the first time in the Olympics, India will be guaranteed a medal match if they reach the semifinals.
India, who qualified for the knockout rounds after placing fourth in Pool A, got off to a good start against Pool B leaders Australia and kept the pressure on them for the whole game.
For the country, this is a time of pride and joy. The win occurred just one day after the men’s hockey team qualified for the semifinals. This year, we will get medals from both the male and female hockey teams.


Guinness World Record for widest mouth

When a part of anyone body’s is different, people consider it as ugly, laughable, and behave with them as they are aliens. Those people also feel insecure, shameful and accept themselves as matter of humour for other. But there are some other examples are present which prove their qualities as their strength and feel proud about their body.
A similar incident came in existence. Samantha Ramsdell, holder of the Guinness World Records title, is a woman with elegance, a sense of humor, and an extraordinarily large mouth. The 31-year-old Connecticut native is a dentist’s dream come true.

She’s been confirmed as possessing the world’s largest mouth gap (female) after going viral on TikTok with her larger-than-life mouth that expands to a huge 6.52 cm sizeable jaw.
After seeing her expanded mouth in one of her videos, “the youngsters of TikTok” were certain she had a world record mouth and urged her to go for it.

Despite the fact that many online users assumed she had the record, there was only one way to confirm it officially.

So she visited in her neighborhood dentist’s clinic in South Norwalk, Connecticut, USA, recently with an official adjudication. So Guinness Book of World Records team met Sam at her dentist’s office in South Norwalk, Connecticut, with an official adjudicator there to measure her. She attempt on the Guinness Book of World Records.

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The unforgettable war: The Kargil War

Today is the 22nd Kargil Vijay Diwas, which is being commemorated around the country. On Kargil Vijay Diwas, the nation remembers its war heroes and pays respect to martyrs. The triumph of Indian military forces in Operation Vijay in 1999, when they expelled infiltrators aided by the Pakistani army from high outposts in the Kargil region, is commemorated on this day.
Every year, the event is commemorated around the country to pay tribute to the heroic soldiers of the armed forces who gave their lives to retake all locations captured by the Pakistan Army.
The Kargil War took place in Kashmir’s Kargil region and elsewhere along the Line of Control between May 3 and July 26, 1999. (LOC). Despite the loss of numerous lives on both sides during the 60-day war, India finally won the war by reclaiming control of all previously held territory, restoring the pre-bellum status quo. the lives lost as a result of the conflict; soldiers who died in the line of duty while serving their nation. Every year on this day, the Prime Minister pays tribute to the armed troops at India Gate in Delhi’s “eternal flame,” Amar Jawan Jyoti.
To celebrate the efforts of the Indian Army, celebrations are held in the Kargil area and across the country by the countrymen. This year something is different happened. “Shershaah” a film based on Kargil war hero Param Veer Chakra Captain Vikram Batra Trailor has launched. While launching the teaser for “Shershaah”, Chief of Defence Staff General Bipin Rawat urged filmmakers to produce more inspirational films. When loved ones lit candles in commemoration of martyrs who made great sacrifices protecting country sovereignty, an emotional mood permeated the Drass War Memorial.

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Your parents deserves happiness

Parents are the embodiment of unselfish devotion and unwavering dedication, always putting their children first. Parents assist us in growing and becoming better versions of ourselves, but how often do we thank them for their efforts? It is not until we are older and have responsibilities that we realise how important they are in the genuine sense. If you’re seeking for a way to express gratitude, Don’t put it off any longer if you want to express your gratitude to them. National Parents’ Day is today (July 25), so go ahead and make that unique gesture.
There is no specific day to thank parents. Yes everyday we must get several reasons to thank them. But in this busy life we can manage a single day for thanking them. Every year on the fourth Sunday in July, National Parents’ Day is commemorated. It’s all the more motivation to make this a memorable occasion for our parents because it comes after Mother’s Day in May and Father’s Day in June.
If you’re one of those busy grown-ups who spends their weekends going to work and hanging out with people, make today count for your parents. Don’t forget to hug them and give them a present. Cook for them or simply have a cup of tea with them. All that matters to ageing parents is to feel needed.

You might also take some time to express your gratitude to all of the people who have played a part as a parent in your life. It might be a grandmother, an uncle, or a sibling. This Sunday, spread the message of love and care. Because they make our life complete

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Guru a symbol of Aspiration, Inspiration and Learning

Guru Brahma
Guru Vishnu
Guru Devo Maheshwara
Guru Sakshat Param Brahma Tasmai Shri Gurave Namah

A teacher or guru has a huge influence on people’s lives. Guru Purnima is observed every year by the Hindu, Jain, Sikh, and Buddhist communities all around the world to honour them.
According to the Hindu calendar, it occurs on the full moon day of the Shakha Samavat. Gratitude is expressed and spiritual gurus and teachers are worshipped on this day.Guru Purnima falls on July 24 this year.

The day is also known as Vyasa Purnima, and it marks the birthday of guru Ved Vyasa, who wrote the Mahabharata and Puranas, among other major Hindi literature. On this day, Lord Buddha is said to have given his first sermon. As a result, the Buddhist community commemorates this day as a day of adoration for him.

This day is celebrated just to thank our teachers for guiding us. And be a important part of our learning experience

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Anti-sex beds and distributing condoms to be a part of the change

Tokyo Olympic 2020 came up with a unique way to bring change. This year Olympic focus on health sector.
With the COVID-19 outbreak that is still looming, social isolation and cleanliness have become essential. The Tokyo Olympics 2020 organisers have gone a step further to prevent the virus’s spread and hold the quadrennial event in the safest possible manner.
As strange as it may sound, the authorities have set up a quarantine zone inside the Games village to prevent further infections- To promote the idea of social separation, the government have developed “Anti-Sex” beds.

This is an effort to keep athletes focused on their disciplines while also keeping them socially separated, in order to prevent Olympians from having sex and transmitting the new Coronavirus. The ‘Anti-Sex’ beds are said to be made of cardboard and engineered to only be able to withstand one person.
The ‘Anti-Sex’ mattresses, according to reports, are made of cardboard and are only designed to support the weight of one person. This is another opportunity for the host country, Japan, to demonstrate its commitment to renewable energy and trash recycling.

Talking about the other disease which is taken up by the authorities. The Tokyo Olympic organisers plan to provide some 150,000 condoms during next month’s Games, but athletes are being advised to take them home rather than use them in the Olympic village, where social distance laws and coronavirus prevention are major priorities. A large quantity of condoms have been distributed at the Games to raise awareness of HIV and AIDS, and organisers claimed the International Olympic Committee had requested that they continue to be distributed.

It’s a kind gesture of Olympic committee to spread awareness internationally

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Every Step Count

Greetings, WordPress community! Thank you for taking the time to read and follow my blog. When I first started blogging, I never imagined that one day I would have 50 WordPress followers! Despite the fact that it is not particularly large, I am pleased. Slowly, but surely, I will realise my ambitions… I feel that there are no barriers in the world of language. If your words are meant for the entire world, then the entire world is yours!
I owe a debt of gratitude to ‘WordPress. I am grateful to ‘WordPress’ for providing me with a fantastic platform through which I can communicate with writers and readers all over the world.

Thank you for reading, following, and admiring my work!

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People of different age group showing interest in space tour

The young person is coming forward to be a part of space team. An 18-year-old physics student whose father runs an investment management business is ready to take the place of a person who bid $28 million in an auction to be a part of billionaire Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin company’s maiden space tourism trip. After the auction winner, whose identity was not made public, backed out owing to undisclosed “scheduling difficulties,” Blue Origin announced on Thursday that Oliver Daemen will join the four-member all-civilian crew for Tuesday’s scheduled trip. The company’s first paying customer is Daemen.
In this team oldest person is also coming forward. According to Blue Origin, the voyage will feature the oldest person ever to fly to space, 82-year-old trailblazing female aviator Wally Funk, as well as the youngest, Daemen. Bezos and his brother Mark Bezos will be joining them for Blue Origin’s suborbital flight. Daemen is pursuing his pilot’s licence and will begin studying physics and innovation management at the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands in September, according to Blue Origin. Joes Daemen, the CEO and founder of Somerset Capital Partners, is his father. According to Blue Origin, the older Daemen “bought for the seat and opted to fly Oliver.” The amount paid was not disclosed by the firm.
“Flying on New Shepard will realize a longstanding goal for Oliver, who has been captivated by space, the Moon, and rockets since he was four years old,” the firm said in a statement. Bezos is competing with billionaire competitors Richard Branson and Elon Musk to usher in a new age of commercial space travel in a tourist sector that Swiss bank UBS thinks might be worth $3 billion yearly in ten years. New Shepard is a 60-foot (18.3-meter) tall completely autonomous rocket-and-capsule combination that cannot be piloted from within the ship. The launch will take place in West Texas.

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First women empire in 144 years, Marija Cicak

The world is heading in the direction of giving both genders an equal opportunity. Females are also producing amazing results in their fields which is causing societal transformation. We may also remark that progress toward gender equality is gradual and constant.
One such movement had been encountered a few days before. Marija Cicak, the chair umpire, made history on July 17, 2021 by becoming the first woman in 144 years to referee the men’s singles final at Wimbledon. At the All-England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club in London. Marija Cicak will be the umpire for the title match between world No. 1 Novak Djokovic and Italian Matteo Berrittini. 43-year-old, Marija Cicak, has worked as an umpire at the Championships for the past 15 years and has officiated in 10 WTA Finals. She also served as an umpire for the women’s singles final at Wimbledon in 2014 and the women’s doubles final three years later. Cicak also oversaw the gold medal match in women’s singles at the 2016 Rio Olympics. Since 2012, the Croatian official has been a part of the WTA Elite Team and is a gold badge chair umpire.
This news will undoubtedly encourage more young women to make history and contribute to society’s positive transformation. Gender equality is a critical component of development, and now we have the opportunity to participate in this transformation and become what we choose.

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New plant species named after Indian goddess name

India discovers new plant species in Antarctica, the species has been called Bryum bharatiensis by biologists from the Central University of Punjab. The Hindu goddess of learning, Bharati, is also the name of one of India’s Antarctic research outposts.The discovery is notable because it is the first and only plant species discovered by the Indian Antarctic Mission since 1981. The scientists discovered a kind of moss near the Indian research centre on a 2016-2017 expedition to the continent and gathered samples. After five years, experts were finally able to determine that it was a new native plant species to the area.
Prof Felix Bast, a biologist who was part of the six-month trip to the continent – the 36th by Indian scientists – found the dark green critter in January 2017 in Larsemann Hills, which overlooks the Southern Ocean. This is near Bharati, one of the world’s most distant research outposts. The premier international publication, Journal of Asia-Pacific Biodiversity, has approved the peer-reviewed manuscript detailing this discovery. To live, plants require nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus, sunshine, and water. Only 1% of Antarctica is devoid of ice. Prof Bast explained, “The main challenge was how could moss thrive in this setting of rock and ice.”
This moss developed mostly in places where penguins nested in high numbers, according to the researchers. Penguin faeces contains nitrogen. In this climate, the fact that manure does not degrade helps “Prof. Bast said.
The Indian scientists spent five years decoding the plant DNA and comparing its shape to that of other plants after collecting the samples. So far, more than 100 moss species have been identified in Antartica, the world’s driest, coldest, and windiest continent.
“Greening is taking place in Antarctica. Because of the warming of the continent, many temperate species of plants that formerly could not live in this icy continent may now be found everywhere “Prof. Bast said.
“The discovery that Antarctica was greening was alarming,” said Prof Raghavendra Prasad Tiwari, vice chancellor of the Central University of Punjab and a prominent scientist. “We have no idea what lies under the huge ice sheets. It’s possible that harmful microorganisms will develop when the ice melts as a result of global warming.”
In the four decades since India established a research station on the continent, this is the first time it has found a plant species.

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