Anti-sex beds and distributing condoms to be a part of the change

Tokyo Olympic 2020 came up with a unique way to bring change. This year Olympic focus on health sector.With the COVID-19 outbreak that is still looming, social isolation and cleanliness have become essential. The Tokyo Olympics 2020 organisers have gone a step further to prevent the virus’s spread and hold the quadrennial event in theContinue reading “Anti-sex beds and distributing condoms to be a part of the change”

Mango is one of the most widely grown fruit in tropical countries

Every year you eagerly wait to let the juicy pulp to dribble down your lips and you are lost while eating it. Yes I’m talking about the king of Fruits – Mango. Almost everyone like this delicious fruit. People just love to eat, or at times drink especially during the summer season. It can beContinue reading “Mango is one of the most widely grown fruit in tropical countries”

Are the government report reliable?

“The states and union territories have not reported any deaths owing to a lack of oxygen,” Union Minister of State for Health and Family Welfare Bharati Pravin Pawar told the Rajya Sabha.“Detailed instructions for reporting of fatalities have been given by the Union Health Ministry to all states/UTs,” Pawar stated in a written response. AsContinue reading “Are the government report reliable?”

Every Step Count

Greetings, WordPress community! Thank you for taking the time to read and follow my blog. When I first started blogging, I never imagined that one day I would have 50 WordPress followers! Despite the fact that it is not particularly large, I am pleased. Slowly, but surely, I will realise my ambitions… I feel thatContinue reading “Every Step Count”

Pegasus spyware hijacked over 300 Indian phone number

The technology upgradation also upgrade the crime parameters. The crime or data hacking via internet is not a new concept. But if it happens in a large scale then it somewhere questions the security of countrymen. A similar insurance come in concentration, The Pegasus Spyware is said to have hijacked over 300 verified Indian phoneContinue reading “Pegasus spyware hijacked over 300 Indian phone number”

Live your hobby as a full time job

Making yourself happy by doing something difficult is a difficult task in today’s hectic world. Everyone is so engrossed in their profession that we neglect to partake in our hobbies to keep ourselves sane.To relax minds, individuals used to paint, dance, sing, make pottery, participate in some type of art, or even cook.Now, in theContinue reading “Live your hobby as a full time job”

Emojis connecting virtual and real world

In the era of digitization, when we are totally dependent on social networking sites to express our emotions. Every food is incomplete without salt likewise emoji has became an important part of our life. Whether a feeling of anger 😡 or an emotion of love 😘. Now for almost every feeling an emoji is thereContinue reading “Emojis connecting virtual and real world”

People of different age group showing interest in space tour

The young person is coming forward to be a part of space team. An 18-year-old physics student whose father runs an investment management business is ready to take the place of a person who bid $28 million in an auction to be a part of billionaire Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin company’s maiden space tourism trip.Continue reading “People of different age group showing interest in space tour”

Covid 19 affecting other vaccination number

A “perfect storm” is forming, according to the United Nations, with a raging pandemic interrupting access to normal vaccines, putting millions of children at danger of measles and other fatal illnesses. Last year, a total of 23 million children were denied essential childhood vaccinations due to global restrictions intended at controlling Covid-19, and many parentsContinue reading “Covid 19 affecting other vaccination number”

School or a Morgue

On Penelakut Island, formerly known as Kuper Island, in British Columbia, Canada, unmarked graves containing the corpses of more than 160 Indigenous children were discovered last month. The graves were discovered by members of the Penelakut Tribe on the grounds of the former Kuper Island Industrial School, which was part of a nationwide network ofContinue reading “School or a Morgue”