Will 5G Harm Environment?

For broadband cellular networks, 5G is a technical standard. This propels the telecom sector to new heights of innovation. According to the GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) Association, by 2025, 5G networks would have over 1.7 billion customers globally.A Punjab University study discovered that sparrows exposed to cell tower radiation for five to 30Continue reading “Will 5G Harm Environment?”

Board Chooses Safety Over Exams

Intermediate examination plays an important role in boosting and pushing career of students. Also, it defines ways of the bright career by the marks which is obtained after the exams. But in this pandemic, it was the dilemma to choose between safety and the exams. Following Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s stated that Class XII examinationsContinue reading “Board Chooses Safety Over Exams”

India – A Milk-Deficient Country to World’s Major Milk Producer

It’s World Milk Day today. Since 2001, World Milk Day has been observed across the globe. The United Nations’ Staple and Agriculture Organization created the day to honour dairy farmers and the dairy industry, as well as to acknowledge the importance of milk as a worldwide food. Millions of people in India rely on theContinue reading “India – A Milk-Deficient Country to World’s Major Milk Producer”

Smokers are More Prone to Heart Disease

‘World No Tobacco Day,’ talking about theme of this year ‘Commit to Quit,’ especially which show concern on current COVID-19 pandemic. COVID mostly affects the lungs, and smoking also harms them. According to research from throughout the world, smokers have a greater risk of serious pulmonary problems after COVID than non-smokers. Smokers are at aContinue reading “Smokers are More Prone to Heart Disease”

Piplantri : The Indian Village That Sets an Example for World

Indian culture has always valued women, believe a goddess in them and placed them at a status of paramount importance. Time and again, women have been termed goddesses and referred to as Shakti, the female element of the creation of humanity, that further augments their value.But for the past few generations, we have come toContinue reading “Piplantri : The Indian Village That Sets an Example for World”

When Comedy Turned into Tragedy

Several notable Indian comedians and actors have been chastised on social media in recent days for making casteist jokes in the past. Some have questioned why they are being chastised for routines performed few years back. Defenders argue that the comedians have matured since then and have abandoned the backward views that underlay their humor.Continue reading “When Comedy Turned into Tragedy”

”Menstrual Health is a Human Right”: UN On Menstrual Hygiene Day 2021

Each woman should pick a product that offers her with the most comfort, whether it’s sanitary pads, tampons, or menstrual cups. It’s important to remember that only one sanitation technique should be utilized at a time; utilizing more than one might result in rashes, infections, or even Toxic Shock Syndrome. Every year #World_Menstrual_Hygiene_Day is observedContinue reading “”Menstrual Health is a Human Right”: UN On Menstrual Hygiene Day 2021″

Saviour Turned Into Predator

The police are in charge of ensuring public order and safety, as well as upholding the law and preventing, detecting, and investigating illegal activity. However, during this epidemic, reports of police brutality have surfaced in several parts of India, which is a terrible scenario.On May 22, a 17-year-old teenager was allegedly beaten to death byContinue reading “Saviour Turned Into Predator”

New IT Rules : Government is Planning to Ban Social Media

India, where the number of active participants of social media is huge. Here, The Indian government’s concern is to ban international social media apps if they do not follow the new local guidelines.Today (May 26) is the last day for all social media companies in India to comply with a local regulation that was implementedContinue reading “New IT Rules : Government is Planning to Ban Social Media”

#SaveLakshadweep: Praful Patel’s Policies Under Fire

In Lakshadweep, a public uproar has erupted over a slew of changes declared by the new administration headed by Praful Khoda Patel of the Bhartiya Janata Party, who was named as the administrator of Lakshadweep in December 2020, is facing criticism from the citizens of the Union territory and politicians from both Lakshadweep and KeralaContinue reading “#SaveLakshadweep: Praful Patel’s Policies Under Fire”