We Worship Women but Failed to Respect

There is no sensitivity left in politicians speech. Rape is a very sensitive problem. But who is responsible for that is a big question? The Indian politician play dirty and blame the victims more than the culprits. Sometimes directly and sometimes indirectly.

Recently Meena Kumari, a member of the UP-State Women’s Commission, has stated that giving mobile phones to girls leads to rapes, and has urged parents to keep their daughters away from the gadgets.
“Girls converse on phones and then go away with boys…,” Kumari stated during a Mahila Jansunwai (public hearing of women’s complaints) in Aligarh on Wednesday, in response to a reporter’s question regarding an alleged spike in rape cases in Uttar Pradesh.
Kumari’s comments sparked outrage on social media, with the majority of individuals lambasting her for her odd logic. Many others even argued she wasn’t qualified to be a member of a women’s rights organization.

Many other Politian also came out with such comments:
Tirath Singh Rawat, the Chief Minister of Uttarakhand, made headlines when he made contentious remarks about women wearing torn jeans and how, in his opinion, they are unable to provide the correct atmosphere for their children at home. Rawat made the remarks in Dehradun at a session hosted by the Uttarakhand State Commission for the Protection of Child Rights. He expressed surprise at seeing a lady operating an NGO wearing tattered jeans and expressed concern about the example she was establishing for society. “What sort of message are we sending to society, to our children, if this type of woman goes out into society to meet people and fix their problems?” Everything begins at home. Our children imitate what we do. “A youngster who is taught the appropriate culture at home will never fail in life, no matter how contemporary he gets,” remarked the Chief Minister. He despised youngsters wearing “bare knees” and decried the fact that, whereas the west followed India’s yoga and covered their bodies, “we run towards nudity

After the alleged gangrape of a Dalit lady in Hathras, Uttar Pradesh, sparked widespread indignation and brought back memories of the Nirbhaya incident from 2012, a BJP MLA in the Ballia district made an odd comment in October 2020. “I am a teacher along with being an MLA. Such events (like rape) can be stopped only via sanskar (culture), not shasan (excellent governance) or talwar (relating to sword or power),” the BJP’s Surendra Singh remarked. While the government is dedicated to safeguarding, families should also be dedicated to instilling excellent values in their children. There is no other way to make India beautiful but with Sanskar and Sarkaar,” he stated in the video.

“This woman had claimed that the entire state had raped her,” KPCC president Mullappally Ramachandran stated. If a woman is sexually abused once, we can understand. If that happens again, any woman with self-esteem will either commit suicide or attempt to prevent it from happening again. However, this woman claims she has been abused numerous times

BJP MLA from Ballia, Surendra Singh said Because you lack healthy morals, every victim of sexual assault, rape, or sexual battery is liable for themselves. Consent and communication are not the responsibility of the rapist. The onus is on you to determine how much you can protect your vaginal area.

BJP Leader Ranjeet Srivastav of Barabanki said It suggests you had an affair with the rapist if no one saw you being raped.

There is a problem of the mindset or they are some kinds of aliens. Who don’t understand before putting allegation any female. They are leaders of country and their words reach to almost entire nation. Instead of teaching to male gender, they came up which stupid statement to coverup this heinous crime.

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