People are losing their native language to mingle with other

India is a country of colours with versatile cultures, religions and language. Here, at every 100 km dialects changed. But the beautiful thing is that people’s gratitude remains same. There are almost 23 languages that are used in India, but the dialects are infinite. Every state have their mother tongue and they proudly talks in it. But the gap in developing and underdeveloped states develop a mindset of showing themselves developed by using the language of that region. This also present a discrimination between the people who are using such language. Sometimes people create an uneducated image of the person in their mindsets. So, for proving themselves educated peoples started ignoring their own languages and dialects.
In a country which is famous for their versatile culture, tradition and language which make them unite, Is it good to neglect their language to prove them superior. Instead of feeling proud while talking people are now feeling shame on talking in their own dialect. Some people call them dehatis (uneducated) as well. It is totally a disrespect of our languages.
Every language has its own essence, and value. Knowing your mother tongue is a matter of pride, but the current generation is losing their culture and language which definitely came as a result where our future generation are unaware and untouched by these beautiful languages. Right now, we already lost some dialects as per data. Isn’t it funny, from one side people are trying to understand the language of old civilizations and from other we are losing our own language?

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